Titan Streamway into Frozen In Time – Sunday 16th January 2022

Mark, Phil, Ben and myself met on a cold breezy Sunday morning atop a lay-by near to Rowter Farm to spend our Sunday exploring a very infrequent travelled area within the Titan Cavern. Titan Streamway into Absolution and Frozen In Time.

Paul met us at the shaft entrance to take some “action shots” as Mark was rigging the lines as he hasn’t seen the shaft for some time.

Once rigged the team did quick process down the 45m shaft before reaching the horizontal level and everyone congregated near the window which is the exposing 70m pitch onto Event Horizon.

Mark went first followed by Phil then myself and I waited for Ben at the bottom of the pitch. All I could see was a tiny light coming from above and two other lights nested on the other side of Event Horizon… a very scary isolated place taking into account the vast heights and widths we are dealing with.

Ben and myself crossed the traverse of Event Horizon whilst constantly thinking “there’s another 60m below us… let’s hope the traverse holds!” We reached Mark and Phil before heading into the Titan Streamway.

Think Giants Hole Upper Series passage but as wide as the Giants Highway and water levels like P8 after a good rainfall. A thundering force of water coming towards you whilst manoeuvring over various cascades. A very interesting place indeed.

We ascended absolution which was a very interesting pitch head before you start heading into Frozen In Time. We were incredibly looking being guided by Mark into this pristine area. Due to a lack of visits into this area the majority of speleothems are still in pristine condition and white in colour. Mark advised us that there is roughly 150m of flat out crawling possible and even he didn’t reach the end.

Ben and myself had a little look but were very cautiously moving around the stals as we didn’t want to break anything. We decided to return back to the other two who already started to steam towards the exit.


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